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«Metamorphoses» Dance & Plastic Studio
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A moment in life

Dramatized showDedicated to memory of Maurice Bejart

“I finally lived only for dance”
Maurice Bejart

Many talked about Maurice Bejart! He was called “Guru of nowadays”, “A choreographer of the 20th century”, “Bejart is a philosopher in ballet” and many others. Our dramatized show relates the life and creative work of the choreographer, as well as difficulties experienced by the artist. Bejart himself thought that the art could be born due to obstacles. He worked a long and difficult way to achieve his childhood dream of being a stage director. His love to dance and direction made him a choreographer. The dramatized show will be performed on the stage of the concert hall “Carnaval”. Students of “Metamorphoses” studio as well as graduates of different years will perform it. Sergeev Yuriy Nikolaevich, Honored Culture Worker, will also take part in the performance.

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The Tale about Styopa Chernomor and Kikimora Umora

A musical fairy-taleThe premiere was in 1999

Kikimora Umora is bored with her native swamp. Dreaming about Paris she has developed a cunning plan whose victims are innocent local frogs. Styopa, a good-natured water sprite, and Zhurka, a silly crane, fall under Kikimora’s influence. Only a little curious frog called Manya resist to the activities of the crafty intriguer. Due to Manya a gloomy swamp turns into a wonderful Swan lake where Love works miracles.

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Faust Imagination

Plastic dramaA plastic drama based on “Scene from Faust” by A.S.Pushkin. The premiere was in 1993.

Faust and Mefistofele are sitting on the sea shore playing chess and waiting for the ship to come. Faust wants to go to Gretchen abandoned by him. He has recently killed Gretchen’s brother and had to run away. This game of chess is unusual as each move made by Faust, a White King, is a defence from a Black King, Mefistofele. The performance with a sequence of plastic mise-en-scènes, dialogues, dance duets and fencing duels takes place on the chessboard. The Black Queen mates The White King. The ship appears on the horizon. But Faust doesn’t need it any more…

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A Flower of Kupala

BalletMusic and libretto by Sergey Smolyaninov. The premiere was in 1993.


There is a summer solstice celebration - Ivan Kupala day in a Slavic village. One rite follows the other. Yarilo is awakened and he chooses the most beautiful girl. It’s Marja. She performs a praying dance for rain. Ivan admires Marja. And here comes the rain. It gives rises to blossoming of flowers and grass. The next rite is a holiday’s spell – the lighting of Kupala’s fire. Scorched grasses scatter. Only a flower of Kupala is not afraid of the fire as he is related to it. Extraordinary beauty of the flower charms Ivan and he forgets Marja. As if from nowhere a Witch appears and she intends to kill Ivan. The flower of Kupala decoys him to the forest and grasses twine a path for Marja not to follow his beloved...

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A Dance as an inexhaustible Creativity,

all-triumphant Love

and wise philosophy of Life

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