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«Metamorphoses» Dance & Plastic Studio
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Liza - Akulina

Musical performanceMusical and drama version of Alexander Pushkin story “Mistress into Maid”. The premiere was in 1999.

The performance is accompanied by the music of Glazunov, Stravinskiy, Rossini, Alyabjev, Kalinikov, Mendelson. Students from the 3rd to 7th year as well as graduates take part in the performance:

  • Liza Muromskaya, Alexey Berestov – the 7th year and graduates;
  • Liza and Alexey’s fathers – studio graduates;
  • Country-girls (from 8 to 10 performers) – the 6th and 7th year;
  • Nastja – Liza’s maidservant – the 7th year;
  • Cupids (from 3 to 6 performers) – the 3rd and 4th year;
  • Miss Jacson – Liza’s madam;
  • Statues (3) in the garden of the Muromskiys - the 6th and 7th year and graduates;
  • Servants in the house of the Muromskiys (5) – the 3rd and 4th year;
  • Servants in the house of the Muromskiys (2) - the 6th and 7th year;
  • A butler in the house of the Muromskiys - the 6th and 7th year and graduates;
  • A dandelion - the 6th and 7th year and graduates;
  • Forest flowers (from 6 to 18) - the 3rd and 4th year;
  • “Love Allegory” (from 1 to 6 pairs) - the 6th and 7th year and graduates.

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“Dance Life”

Dance performanceDance performance to Hollmera’s music. The premiere was in 2000.

Dance-Life: A Dance is a way of Life. The Life is a Dance. A Dancing life. A Living dance. An abstract plotless scene displays a rich, eventual, diverse and metaphorical world of dance life. Diversity of feelings, emotions and characters are easily combined with sparkling humour. Body motions of various dancing techniques create fantastic choreography and unusual images.

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Pictures at an exhibition

BalletThe ballet is based on the music of the same name piano pieces composed by Musorgskiy M.P. The premiere was in 1995.
Four various paints decide to create a beautiful picture of the world. They joyfully start creating the first canvas… A dwarf and jewellery… Images of a medieval castle with feud and unhappy love… A garden of Tjuilri with children playing under nannies’ care… Faceless creatures, who ruthlessly spread everything and everybody over the canvas, they are half-persons – half-machines (Bydlo)… Not-hatched chicks try to perform their first ballet… A rich Jew and a poor Jew… A crowd of many faces – visitors of Limoges market… These pictures changing each other with vivid images just disappoint the paints: all their creations turn out to be imperfect! The paints decide to portray themselves. But previous images – monsters become apparent through a fresh layer and impend over their creators...

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Myths of Ancient Greece

A cycle of one-act balletsThe creation of this cycle was financially supported by the parents of some “Metamorphoses” students as well as Andreev Sergey Yurjevich, a deputy of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly.

Narcissus Metamorphosis”. The premiere of the ballet was in January 2000. A television version of the ballet was created by Saint Petersburg City Palace of Youth Creativity together with St. Petersburg TV channel. It was broadcasted in April 2000.

Bodiless images and souls who dwell out of time and space return to life following a sound of a wonderful flute played by a little satyr. They are embodied in objects and bodies and form a world where a story of Narcissus takes place…

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A Dance as an inexhaustible Creativity,

all-triumphant Love

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