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"Zerkalniy" - Summer 2012

1. The 4th summer season in the Centre for Rural Children and Youth Creativity “Zerkalniy”. The first photos of a group of 40 children of “Metamorphoses” studio spending their time!

  The first part of photos from “Zerkalniy”

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"Zerkalniy" - Winter 2012

40 students of 8 to 17 years old leave for winter rural center “Zerkalniy”.
They are going to rehearse and perform a musical fairy tale “The Tale about Styopa Chernomor and Kikimora Umora” on the 21st of January at the stage of concert hall “Zerkalniy“.

The 13th of January – the first day of the session, the old New Year holiday – all the students are going to celebrate it and have a lot of fun. The studio is going to perform a joky number “Snowmen’s march”, the youngest girls (“snowflakes”) and the eldest boys (“snowmen”) participate in it.

On the 14th of January – the second day of the session – “Hello, Zerkalniy!” evening is organized. A metamorphosis must happen: the same eldest boys (“snowmen”) are going to perform the premiere of the cast of “Youthful games” (the year of staging is 1995, the choreographer – Fedorova E.M.).

The third, the fourth, the fifth days… are school, rehearsals, walks and other events.

The 18th of January – the Day of the breach of the Siege… the number “Page from the diary” based on the poems by Olga Bergolts and music by Dmitriy Shostokovich as well as the sound of piercing metronome will be performed by the new cast (the year of staging – 2010, choreographers – Ivanova O.V., Fedorova E.M.).

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"Zerkalniy" - Summer 2011

Dear 27 lucky children who go to the 4th summer season to Centre for Rural Children and Youth Creativity “Zerkalniy” as a group of “Metamorphoses” studio!

On the 4th August at 12.30 we are gathering at the studio.

1. We try on costumes and shoes.
2. WE PACK: costumes tried and 2 musical players.
3. When package is finished you GO to the medical checkup (you should have with you all the documents! + a certificate for the swimming pool for those who want to swim it it).

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"Zerkalniy" - Winter 2011

From 14th to 24th January 40 students from 201, 103, 202, 401, 501, 601, 701, 702 and 704 groups went to the 2nd winter season to the Rural Center “Zerkalniy”:
  • Walks in the snowy forest;
  • The first part of the day: students had lessons at school and choreographers worked on staging of the premiere “Nekrasov winter”;
  • First rehearsals to the music performance “The tale about Styopa Chernomor and Kikimora Umora”;
  • On The 18th of January – the Day of the breach of the Siege… the number “Page from the diary” was performed;
  • Rehearsals and performance of “Dance Life” on the stage of “Zerkalniy” concert hall.

A list of participants:

  • Айна Николь
  • Андреева Валерия
  • Баева Алина
  • Бамбурина Анна
  • Берникова Валерия
  • Вавилов Никита
  • Васильева Вера
  • Васильева Оля
  • Вихрова Дарина
  • Гришко Татьяна
  • Груздева Соня
  • Дресвина Вероника
  • Жукова Елизавета
  • Задорская Мария
  • Зуева Анастасия
  • Иванова Елизавета
  • Колышкин Антон
  • Котлова Людмила
  • Кочина Валентина
  • Кулешова Маша
  • Лаптева Анастасия
  • Ледовских Валерия
  • Мага Ангелина
  • Мартынова Татьяна
  • Метла Дарина
  • Митрофанова Ольга
  • Петухова Соня
  • Сазанов Антон
  • Сафина Кристина
  • Тарасова Мария
  • Туренко Дарья
  • Фёдоров Алексей
  • Фёдорова Евгения
  • Хорев Василий
  • Шевелёва Ольга
  • Шишкина Александра
  • Шмелина Ксения
  • Флоренко Таня
  • Шканова Карина
  • Неми Лиза

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