Saturday, 2nd December 2023
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«Metamorphoses» Dance & Plastic Studio

A moment in life

Dramatized showDedicated to memory of Maurice Bejart

“I finally lived only for dance”
Maurice Bejart

Many talked about Maurice Bejart! He was called “Guru of nowadays”, “A choreographer of the 20th century”, “Bejart is a philosopher in ballet” and many others. Our dramatized show relates the life and creative work of the choreographer, as well as difficulties experienced by the artist. Bejart himself thought that the art could be born due to obstacles. He worked a long and difficult way to achieve his childhood dream of being a stage director. His love to dance and direction made him a choreographer. The dramatized show will be performed on the stage of the concert hall “Carnaval”. Students of “Metamorphoses” studio as well as graduates of different years will perform it. Sergeev Yuriy Nikolaevich, Honored Culture Worker, will also take part in the performance.

The show is being created:
  • on the document material: memoirs of the choreographer, books about Maurice Bejart, articles of different years;
  • using video recording of Bejart’s ballets, video chronicles of the life and work of the choreographer;
  • on music by Stravinskiy, Wagner, Chaikovskiy, Vivaldi, Pierre Henry and “Queen” band;
  • with choreographic mise-en-scène directed by Natalja Gavrilova and Ljudmila Sergeeva;
  • with organizing and consultative support of Elena Fyodorova, the head of the studio;
  • with designing and production of stage scenery according to the “Carnaval” stage dimension by Ljudmila Sergeeva, Fyodor Bogdanov, Dmitriy Dmitriev, Maria Zdorovenkova, Svetlana Rusakova;
  • by director Ljudmila Sergeeva.
  Maurice Bejart, 1984
Maurice Bejart

A Dance as an inexhaustible Creativity,

all-triumphant Love

and wise philosophy of Life

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