Saturday, 27th November 2021
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«Metamorphoses» Dance & Plastic Studio

Faust Imagination

Plastic dramaA plastic drama based on “Scene from Faust” by A.S.Pushkin. The premiere was in 1993.

Faust and Mefistofele are sitting on the sea shore playing chess and waiting for the ship to come. Faust wants to go to Gretchen abandoned by him. He has recently killed Gretchen’s brother and had to run away. This game of chess is unusual as each move made by Faust, a White King, is a defence from a Black King, Mefistofele. The performance with a sequence of plastic mise-en-scènes, dialogues, dance duets and fencing duels takes place on the chessboard. The Black Queen mates The White King. The ship appears on the horizon. But Faust doesn’t need it any more…

Characters and performers:

Chess pieces:
  • White King Faust;
  • Black King Mefistofele;
  • White Queen Gretchen;
  • Black Queen Gretchen mad;
  • Black pawns.
  • ”Faust” puppet;
  • ”Mefistofele” puppet;
  • Lead dances are performed by the students of the 7th year and/or graduates;
  • students of the 4th and/or the 5th year perform parts of Puppets and six Black pawns.
The performance is accompanied by:
  • A.S.Pushkin’s poems;
  • Gleb Biryulin’s music;
  • Mefistofele’s aria from “Faust” opera performed by F.Shalyapin;
  • an extract from I.Brodskiy’s poem “Two hours in the tank”.

A Dance as an inexhaustible Creativity,

all-triumphant Love

and wise philosophy of Life

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