Friday, 14th June 2024
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«Metamorphoses» Dance & Plastic Studio

The Tale about Styopa Chernomor and Kikimora Umora

A musical fairy-taleThe premiere was in 1999

Kikimora Umora is bored with her native swamp. Dreaming about Paris she has developed a cunning plan whose victims are innocent local frogs. Styopa, a good-natured water sprite, and Zhurka, a silly crane, fall under Kikimora’s influence. Only a little curious frog called Manya resist to the activities of the crafty intriguer. Due to Manya a gloomy swamp turns into a wonderful Swan lake where Love works miracles.

Students of the 1st to the 7th year as well as graduates participate in the performance:
  • from 8 to 16 frogs (the 3rd – 4th year, including Manya);
  • Styopa, kikimora Umora, a crane Zhurka (the 6th – 7th year and graduates);
  • «Chernomorers» (from 2 to 8) (the 3rd – 5th year);
  • «gatherers of mushrooms» and «fly agarics» (from 12 to 20) (the 2nd – 3rd year);
  • «a wind» (from 1 to 6) (the 6th – 7th year);
  • a Swan, a Golden Fish (the 6th – 7th year);
  • swans from 4 to 12 (the 4th – 5th year);
  • «flowers» from 2 to 30 (the 1st year).
The performance is accompanied by:
  • the music of Yuriy Turchin;
  • the dialogues and songs of the script writer – Olga Yushina.

A Dance as an inexhaustible Creativity,

all-triumphant Love

and wise philosophy of Life

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