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«Metamorphoses» Dance & Plastic Studio

Studio teaching staff

  • Elena Fedorova
  • Olga Ivanova
  • Elena Ponomarenko
  • Maria Ischuk (programme of Elena Fedorova and Olga Ivanova)
  • Ksenia Azeeva (programme of Elena Fedorova and Olga Ivanova)
  • Vera Belykh (“Choreography foundations” and “Foundations of classical dance” programmes)
  • Pavel Krezhevskikh (“Principles of acting and modern dance techniques” programme in groups of the 5th to 7th year of study as well as “Creative technologies in modern dance” programme)
  • Elena Ponomarenko (“Principles of acting and modern dance techniques” programme in groups of the 1st to 5th year of study)

Teaching staff of XXIV season of studio for 2014-2015

  • Elena Fedorova

    Elena Fedorova is an ideologist, creator and permanent leader of “Metamorphoses” studio. She teaches “Principles of acting and modern dance techniques”

    She is a choreographer. Elena Fedorova is a participant of the 1st Russian contest of complementary education “I Give my Heart to Children” and got a prize of Rolan Bykov Foundation “For creativity in profession”. Elena Fedorova is also an Honorable teacher of general education of Russian Federation.

  • Olga Ivanova

    Olga Ivanova teaches “Foundations of choreography”, as well as “Introduction to classical dance” (the author of both programmes)

    Olga started taking dance classes in Leningrad Palace of young pioneers (it is Saint Petersburg City Palace of Youth Creativity now) at the age of 7. She danced in the song and dance ensemble. Olga participated in creation of “Metamorphoses” dance studio and is an active member of the first generation of Metamorphoses students. In 1994, after graduating a studio she was hired as a teacher. Olga Ivanova received degree in choreography in Saint Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • Elena Ponomarenko

    Elena Ponomarenkois a teacher of singing and a concertmaster on “Principles of acting and modern dance techniques” programme in the groups of the 1st to 5th year of study.

    • College of music named after Rimskiy-Korsakov (theory-composer department)
    • Russian State Pedagogical University named after Herzen (music department), specialized in singing
    • Postgraduate course (up to now) – history of Russian singing school
    Prize-winner of a singing contest “Inspiring universe of Mozart” in 2010

  • Maria Ischuk

    Maria Ischuk - teacher

    The teacher on “Repertoire” programme (a module of “Principles of acting and modern dance techniques”, programme of Elena Fedorova). She finished dancing in “Metamorphoses” in 2003. She graduated from Saint Petersburg State University (the department of Mathematics and Mechanics) in 2009. Studying in “Metamorphoses” Maria executed leading roles in repertoire which were based on classical and contemporary dance. Her technical accuracy of each combination and movements were always based on methodical knowledge of their execution. This fact is very important in pedagogical activity and, especially, in studying of repertoire of children's theatre of dance.

  • Ksenia Azeeva

    Ksenia Azeeva is a teacher of “Principles of acting and modern dance techniques” (the author of Elena Fedorova)
  • Vera Belykh

    Vera Belykh - a concertmaster

    She has been working in the studio since 2002. She is keen on painting. She has participated in annual exhibitions of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists since 1998.

  • Pavel Krezhevskih

    Pavel Krezhevskikh - a concertmaster

    • Was born in Ekaterinburg.
    • Got education at the College of music named after Chaikovskiy, the Ural State Conservatory and St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions.
    • A composer and a sound producer.
    • Happy when people enjoy music.

A Dance as an inexhaustible Creativity,

all-triumphant Love

and wise philosophy of Life

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