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«Metamorphoses» Dance & Plastic Studio
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Charity Christmas ball

25 students from 10 to 17 years old from “Metamorphoses” studio took part in the charity Christmas ball organized by Foundation of support and development of Russian-German relations “German Russian meeting center” on 21st December 2014 in St. Petersburg in Kazanskaya str., 7 in creative area “Freedom”.

Concert numbers “Et cetera” and “In the park” amazed the audience by the proficiency of dancing and acting performance as well as by the wonderful costumes (artists from St.Petersburg Alla Grigorieva and Irina Pimenova). “Waltz in hoods”, a fragment of performance “Dance Life”, has become a Christmas toy decoration of the ball, a new year garland which connected the traditions and contemporary in the dance art. In short, a programme of three miniatures performed by the studio has proved again the truth of the name chosen 24 years ago – Metamorphoses. And the studio now has not only new spectators but also (we hope) future students!

Students could not only become “invited performers” but also the participants of the Christmas ball: contests, games, cozy ancient interiors disposing to friendly talks, a buffet dinner with exclusive dessert – everything was available and tasted by the children.

All 25 students were awarded with name Diplomas from organizers that will be handed to the children in the festive atmosphere in the native studio on 26th December! Thank you, dear Organizers!

The organizers also noted the following:

  • The highest level of the performed dances (choreographers Olga Ivanova and Elena Fedorova);
  • Proficiency and wonderful organizational process of preparation as well as carrying out the event itself;
  • Positive mood, work on training the students of “Metamorphoses” studio, teachers: Olga Ivanova, Elena Ponomarenko and the head of the studio Elena Fedorova.

“Metamorphoses” studio joins to the desire of organizers to continue joint cooperation in the frame of Foundation of support and development of Russian-German relations “German Russian meeting center”.

A Dance as an inexhaustible Creativity,

all-triumphant Love

and wise philosophy of Life

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