Wednesday, 4th August 2021
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«Metamorphoses» Dance & Plastic Studio

Teachers are required!

“Metamorphoses” studio invites teachers – choreographers who have:

1. secondary or high education in the field of choreography.

2. Who have:

2.1 and/or teaching techniques in:

  • Basic level of classical dance for children of 7-8 years old (gymnastic, stretching, dancing exercises in polka, skip jumps and steps);
  • Classical dance based on Vaganova method for children of 9-11 years old, 12-14 years old and 15-17 years old;

2.2 and/or knowledge of:

  • Techniques of modern dance of Graham and her followers;
  • Works of such choreographers as M. Bejart, P. Bausch, R. Petit, J. Kylian, who have probably had master classes of these choreographers, their followers, their students, courses in their theatres and schools and/or studying their works by yourselves basing on video;
  • Who have techniques of teaching modern choreography for children from 7 to 17 years old.

3. Those who want to obtain this knowledge mentioned in item 2, under the guidance of leading choreographers of “Metamorphoses” studio Olga Ivanova (teaching experience since 1994) and Elena Fedorova (teaching experience since 1987).

Required organizational information::

1. Availability of all required documents to be accepted for employment in the state institution (information available on

2. To hold lessons on one/two directions mentioned above for students of “Metamorphoses”.

3. The interview with a teacher, a choreographer, a creator of “Metamorphoses” studio Elena Fedorova in the form of dialogue (teaching methods of dancing techniques for children, world modern choreography including classical ballet).

4. Employment: from 2 hours per week to 9 hours per week starting from 1st September 2014. It depends on the results of the interview.

5. Salary rate is according to the experience, education and occupancy.

6. Prospects:

  • Starting from December 1st 2014 the increase of occupancy up to 18 hours per week;
  • Staging work.
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